• 160 cm Piper Beth
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160 cm Piper Beth

(2 customer reviews)


Piper dolls are known for their seamless neck design. Unlike other doll brands, the heads and bodies of Piper dolls are not interchangeable. The doll is a one piece design.

Body: Piper 160 cm Beth


Height: 160cm / 5ft 3 ins
Net Weight: 38 kg / 83.77lbs
Shoulder: 35cm / 1.12ft (13.78in)

Bust: 87cm / 2.85ft (34.25in)
Chest: 55cm / 1.80ft (21.65in)
Waist: 53cm / 1.74ft (20.86in)
Hip: 91cm / 2.98ft (35.82in)

Length of Arm: 48cm / 1.57ft (18.90in)
Length of Leg: 87cm / 2.62ft (34.25in)
Length of Foot: 21.5cm / 0.70ft (8.46in)

Depth of Oral: 14cm / 5.51in
Depth of Anal: 16cm / 6.31in
Depth of Vagina: 18cm / 7.08in

Skin *

Did you know? Pink-White Skin is used in most photoshoots by Piper doll , but White Skin looks great, too. Honey Light is a Yellow-Tan Skin tone that is unique to Piper Doll and imparts a beautiful Asian look to your doll.

White Skin $0.0 Pink White Skin $0.0 Honey Light Skin $0.0 Slight Tan Skin $0.0 Dark Tan Skin $0.0

Eyes *

Blue Eyes $0.0 Blue-Green Eyes $0.0 Green Eyes $0.0 Brown Eyes $0.0 Red Eyes $0.0 Yellow Cat Eyes $0.0 White Eyes $0.0 Violet Eyes $0.0

Lip Option *

We highly recommend the Normal (Matte) Lips. Coated Gloss Lips look great, but they are not flexible and can prevent penetration :(

Normal (Matte) Lips $0.0 Coated (Gloss) Lips $0.0

Wig Choice *

Wig 1 $0.0 Wig 2 $0.0 Wig 3 $0.0 Wig 4 $0.0 Wig 5 $0.0 Wig 6 $0.0 Wig 7 $0.0 Wig 8 $0.0 Wig 9 $0.0 Wig 10 $0.0 Wig 11 $0.0 Wig 12 $0.0 Wig 13 $0.0 Wig 14 $0.0 Wig 15 $0.0 Wig 16 $0.0 Wig 17 $0.0 Wig 18 $0.0 Wig 19 $0.0 Wig 20 $0.0 Wig 21 $0.0 Wig 22 $0.0 Wig 23 $0.0 Wig 24 $0.0 Wig 25 $0.0 Wig 26 $0.0 Wig 27 $0.0 Wig 28 $0.0 Wig 29 $0.0 Wig 30 $0.0 Wig 31 $0.0 Wig 32 $0.0 Wig 33 $0.0 Wig 34 $0.0 Wig 35 $0.0 Wig 36 $0.0

Add Articulated Finger?($0-$99) *

No Thanks $0.0 Add Articulated Finger +$99.0

Vagina Type *

Removable vaginas are easier to clean but harder to get into from behind the doll. Removable vaginas from Piper are quite tight, so are more difficult to use for men with thicker penises. Fixed vaginas feel and look more realistic at the cost of more difficult cleanup. Fixed vaginas must be douched (We recommend water and rubbing alcohol) and some men dry the fixed vagina after use with a tampon

Removable Vagina $0.0 Fixed Vagina $0.0

Breast Type($0-$75) *

Solid Breast $0.0 Hollow Breast $0.0 Gel Breast +$75.0

Vagina Texture *

Texture #7 $0.0 Texture #8 $0.0 Texture #9 $0.0 Texture #10 $0.0

Pubic Hair? ($0-$49.99) *

No Pubic Hair $0.0 Black Pubic Hair +$50.0 Brown Pubic Hair +$50.0 Blonde Pubic Hair +$50.0

Areola Size *

3 cm = 1.18 inches
4 cm = 1.57 inches
5 cm = 1.97 inches
6 cm = 2.36 inches

3 cm Areolas $0.0 4 cm Areolas $0.0 5 cm Areolas $0.0 6 cm Areolas $0.0

Areola Color *

No Color (Skin Tone) Areolas $0.0 Pink Areolas $0.0 Light Brown Areolas $0.0 Dark Brown Areolas $0.0

Labia color *

Labia can be ordered to match color of areola or you may choose a different color

No Color (Skin Tone) Labia $0.0 Pink Labia $0.0 Light Brown Labia $0.0 Dark Brown Labia $0.0

Foot Type *

We highly recommend standing feet unless you have a foot fetish. Standing feet make maintenance easier and allow your doll to stand without damage to the bottom of your new doll’s feet.

Non-Standing Feet $0.0 Standing Feet $0.0

Fingernail Options *

French manicure pink, Sky blue, and Red are colors that can be chosen for the fingernails and toenail colors, if you want the fingernails and toenails to match. The natural, yellow, and white options for our fingernails and toenails options are close, but not perfect matches.

French Manicure Pink Fingernails $0.0 French Manicure Natural Fingernails $0.0 Pink Fingernails $0.0 Reddish-Orange Fingernails $0.0 Pearl White Fingernails $0.0 Red Fingernails $0.0 Sky Blue Fingernails $0.0 Pearl Light Purple Fingernails $0.0 Pearl Light Yellow Fingernails $0.0 Pearl Light Blue Fingernails $0.0

Toenail Options *

French Manicure Pink Toenails $0.0 Dark Pink Toenails $0.0 Red Toenails $0.0 Natural Toenails $0.0 Fluorescent White Toenails $0.0 Fluorescent Yellow Toenails $0.0 Sky Blue Toenails $0.0 Brown Toenails $0.0 Lavender Toenails $0.0

EVO Skeleton Upgrade? ($0-$69.99) *

~ 90% of doll buyers choose the EVO skeleton option. The EVO skeleton allows more flexible leg positions due to the double jointed knees. Shrugging shoulders are also included with the EVO skeleton. Shoulders do not shrug on the basic skeleton. EVO skeleton dolls can twist their torso at the the waist as well. This is a desirable feature for doll photographers.

Standard Skeleton $0.0 EVO Skeleton +$70.0

Storage Options ($0-$599) *

No Flight Case – Doll will be shipped in a heavily padded cardboard box to protect her during transit.

Piper Flight case (+$599) – Your doll will be shipped in a rolling, locking shiny black case with aluminum trim on the outside and firm polypropylene foam lining the inside.

No Flight case $0.0 Piper Doll Flight Case +$599.0

Inspection Service With Extra Shipping Cost *

For $149 extra we will inspect your doll, This $149 will cover the cost of shipping the doll to you from our facilities once she has been inspected.

Anything special you would like us to know about your order?

Purchase this product now and earn 1,599 Points!

Piper dolls are known for their seamless neck design. Unlike other doll brands, the heads and bodies of Piper dolls are not interchangeable. The doll is a one piece design.


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2 reviews

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  1. the John

    the John (verified owner)

    Piper Beth (160cm) as a “Daily Driver” and my observations/recommendations:

    -Hanging kit
    >Great storage option (especially if no standing feet)
    >need a dedicated hanging bar, closet bar will probably fall down!

    -One set of eyes
    >frequent eye changes can damage eyelashes

    -Enhanced mouth recommended (unless it’s standard with this model)
    >regular dolls have a regular/enhanced option… regular is just anther boring, semi-textured hole. Enhanced has realistic tongue, uvula, throat- worth the upgrade 😉

    -Hollow/Gel breast
    >solid is too… solid. Plus, hollow makes the model just that much lighter (mine weighs in at 93.4 lbs with shoes and wig!!!) I really wish I went with hollow.

    -Removable VJ recommended!!!
    >ease of maintenance/hygiene
    >replaceable in case of damage
    >try a different texture/size!
    **I ordered this model with a fixed VJ which means I had to choose the texture… forever and always (?) I chose either #9 or #10 and it was like gaining carnal knowledge of a… bowl full of mud & rocks! I ended up using a generous amount of mineral oil, and a “heater” unit left in place overnight to smooth out most of the texture. This had the pleasant side effect of enlarging the canal just slightly as well. Having a removable VJ would have been as easy as changing a shirt or shoes.

    -Standing feet recommended!!!
    >better posing
    >easier cleaning
    *You virtually cannot stand up a doll without standing feet and have it come out undamaged. The weight of the doll will bear down on the foot “bone” and that metal plate will just cut right through the foot… but before that, the doll will probably just fall over since the TPE will squish out from between the foot “bone” plate and the floor surface.

    -Regular skeleton recommended!!!
    >the EVO skeleton is great if you’re a photographer and need the added flexibility & realism; however, the knees seem to have TWO pivot points to achieve this and it results in legs that simply fold and buckle under the weight (93.4 lbs!!!). The EVO skeleton is *almost* wasted money on a daily driver and can rule out certain poses, making the standing feet an *almost* wasted purchase option as well. If the EVO skeleton is a must-have option, be prepared for a struggle when trying out standing poses.

    -Color palette: your call
    >Nipples/labia/mouth color is virtually irrelevant on most dolls, the color is just cheap paint that either rubs off after use/washing, or simply crumbles/peels/flakes off on its own with time. The color really only matters for those using this model exclusively for photography or as a mannequin, perhaps in a retail setting, as a display or similar. That said, I would recommend a darker color pallet for nipples/labia so they can stand out/be seen through certain clothing items.

    -Pubic hair option
    >While it’s really amazing that this effect can be created, it also likely means more effort during cleaning & maintenance. I can’t recommend for or against it, I can only say that I opted for no pubic hair, and that was simply due to hygiene & maintenance/cleaning concerns. I am however, genuinely curious about this option and may consider it on a future purchase. It’s definitely one of those things that a buyer would need to see in person before pulling the trigger.

    Overall impression:

    I am overall satisfied with the Piper Beth (160cm) model. Having already purchased a different doll previously, I can now compare & contrast a little.

    My previous doll was a cheap knock-off Amazon doll. That purchase was my first, and I was actually quite impressed with the overall quality for the price. It didn’t pretend to be a “nice” doll, yet between the decent TPE and tight skeleton joints, it was able to pose and “get the job done” very nicely. It came with a trash/garbage wig that was of a “wear-it-once-for-halloween” quality. It was unbrushable right out of the bag and immediately began tangling. The TPE was as squishy as the Piper doll but out of the box, it had that weird “burnt” smell people talk about online. It also seemed to be coated with a 50/50 blend of cheap mineral oil & cheaper baby powder; it had a greasy, gritty, pasty texture and went straight from the box to the shower.
    That first doll, after perhaps 50-60 uses, began showing signs of wear in all of the working areas like tears and exfoliation/peeling. This was likely due to a cheap TPE blend and *possibly* lack of maintenance.

    The Piper doll, right out of the box, was really clean- this was the most immediately striking observation after my first purchase. There was no bad smell, no greasy/pasty substance. The doll was clean and smelled like a plastic/rubber scent with a hint of perhaps baby oil or baby powder. However, the Amazon doll was, surprisingly, much more securely packaged. The Amazon doll had a sturdy foam/plastic lining that essentially turned the cardboard box into a cardboard coffin almost! The piper doll had some foam and airbags but no shell/lining in the box.

    After initial setup, the Piper doll was immediately superior to the Amazon knock-off. The skin was somehow softer, despite being exactly as squishy. Seems the TPE blend also is a much better dielectric: these dolls, with a steel interior and rubber/plastic/whatever exterior, are basically giant capacitors and when applying powder, this becomes apparent as many small cracks, pops and little electric discharges occur frequently (not enough to shock you, just enough to be audible). I didn’t observe this effect with the knock-off doll. Strangely, the knock-off doll actually had more realistic & detailed working bits downstairs; the Piper doll doesn’t have fine details or anatomically correct positioning but at the end of the day, unless you are sitting around just staring at the crotch, it’s not a show-stopper or a deal-breaker… those areas do exactly what they’re supposed to do 🙂

    I was disappointed with the EVO skeleton knees: the poor thing just crumples under its own weight. I have to lock the knees backward and move the feet about 18 inches apart to get any stability… and use at least one arm to brace it against a fixed object like wall/countertop/table/etc. for standing poses. The feet can be positioned side-by-side for positions bent at the waist. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker; just disappointing. If the joints were so stiff that the model could do squats, posing it would be nearly impossible for some people! That said, the standing feet are great but with much room for improvement. My knock-off doll did not have that option and while it *could* be stood up, it was very challenging and tried to fall over every time. One of the foot plates did cut through the bottom of the foot as well. Standing feet makes shower time much, much easier. My only complaint about the standing feet on mine is that the joints are too loose- of all the joints on the doll that could stand to be super-stiff, the foot joints really need it the most. Those joints are expected to be load-bearing and at least on mine, they constantly fold upward and destabilize the doll when attempting to pose while standing. With these things, it’s difficult to “dial it in” and get the joint stiffness right as it’s somewhat subjective; perhaps one day this will be overcome on some future model.

    Piper wigs are hands-down some of the best ever made. They don’t tangle very much and when they DO tangle, they brush right out. Whatever styling was applied at the factory (straight, wavy, curls etc.) stays styled over time and despite brushing. My only complaint is that they do not have a means to be fastened securely to the doll’s head. A simple fix for them to implement could be as easy as velcro, snaps, or even just some strategically placed magnets & metal. Falling off isn’t likely a problem for someone using this in photography or as a static display- adding a way to easily attach & remove the wigs *could* become a priced option in the future.

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  2. Prafullla



    Bru hostel Yenepoy University 575001


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