• 160 cm Affordable Piper Akira
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160 cm Affordable Piper Akira


Piper dolls are known for their seamless neck design. Unlike other doll brands, the heads and bodies of Piper dolls are not interchangeable. The doll is a one piece design.

Interactive Areas:


Skin *

Did you know? Pink-White Skin is used in most photoshoots by Piper doll , but White Skin looks great, too. Honey Light is a Yellow-Tan Skin tone that is unique to Piper Doll and imparts a beautiful Asian look to your doll.

White Skin $0.0 Pink White Skin $0.0 Honey Light Skin $0.0 Slight Tan Skin $0.0 Dark Tan Skin $0.0

Eyes *

Blue Eyes $0.0 Blue-Green Eyes $0.0 Green Eyes $0.0 Brown Eyes $0.0 Red Eyes $0.0 Yellow Cat Eyes $0.0 White Eyes $0.0 Violet Eyes $0.0

Lip Option *

We highly recommend the Normal (Matte) Lips. Coated Gloss Lips look great, but they are not flexible and can prevent penetration :(

Normal (Matte) Lips $0.0 Coated (Gloss) Lips $0.0

Wig Choice *

Wig 1 $0.0 Wig 2 $0.0 Wig 3 $0.0 Wig 4 $0.0 Wig 5 $0.0 Wig 6 $0.0 Wig 7 $0.0 Wig 8 $0.0 Wig 9 $0.0 Wig 10 $0.0 Wig 11 $0.0 Wig 12 $0.0 Wig 13 $0.0 Wig 14 $0.0 Wig 15 $0.0 Wig 16 $0.0 Wig 17 $0.0 Wig 18 $0.0 Wig 19 $0.0 Wig 20 $0.0 Wig 21 $0.0 Wig 22 $0.0 Wig 23 $0.0 Wig 24 $0.0 Wig 25 $0.0 Wig 26 $0.0 Wig 27 $0.0 Wig 28 $0.0 Wig 29 $0.0 Wig 30 $0.0 Wig 31 $0.0 Wig 32 $0.0 Wig 33 $0.0 Wig 34 $0.0 Wig 35 $0.0 Wig 36 $0.0

Add Articulated Finger?($0-$99) *

No Thanks $0.0 Add Articulated Finger +$99.0

Vagina Type *

Removable vaginas are easier to clean but harder to get into from behind the doll. Removable vaginas from Piper are quite tight, so are more difficult to use for men with thicker penises. Fixed vaginas feel and look more realistic at the cost of more difficult cleanup. Fixed vaginas must be douched (We recommend water and rubbing alcohol) and some men dry the fixed vagina after use with a tampon

Removable Vagina $0.0 Fixed Vagina $0.0

Breast Type($0-$75) *

Solid Breast $0.0 Hollow Breast $0.0 Gel Breast +$75.0

Vagina Texture *

Texture #7 $0.0 Texture #8 $0.0 Texture #9 $0.0 Texture #10 $0.0

Pubic Hair? ($0-$49.99) *

No Pubic Hair $0.0 Black Pubic Hair +$50.0 Brown Pubic Hair +$50.0 Blonde Pubic Hair +$50.0

Areola Size *

3 cm = 1.18 inches
4 cm = 1.57 inches
5 cm = 1.97 inches
6 cm = 2.36 inches

3 cm Areolas $0.0 4 cm Areolas $0.0 5 cm Areolas $0.0 6 cm Areolas $0.0

Areola Color *

No Color (Skin Tone) Areolas $0.0 Pink Areolas $0.0 Light Brown Areolas $0.0 Dark Brown Areolas $0.0

Labia color *

Labia can be ordered to match color of areola or you may choose a different color

No Color (Skin Tone) Labia $0.0 Pink Labia $0.0 Light Brown Labia $0.0 Dark Brown Labia $0.0

Foot Type *

We highly recommend standing feet unless you have a foot fetish. Standing feet make maintenance easier and allow your doll to stand without damage to the bottom of your new doll’s feet.

Non-Standing Feet $0.0 Standing Feet $0.0

Fingernail Options *

French manicure pink, Sky blue, and Red are colors that can be chosen for the fingernails and toenail colors, if you want the fingernails and toenails to match. The natural, yellow, and white options for our fingernails and toenails options are close, but not perfect matches.

French Manicure Pink Fingernails $0.0 French Manicure Natural Fingernails $0.0 Pink Fingernails $0.0 Reddish-Orange Fingernails $0.0 Pearl White Fingernails $0.0 Red Fingernails $0.0 Sky Blue Fingernails $0.0 Pearl Light Purple Fingernails $0.0 Pearl Light Yellow Fingernails $0.0 Pearl Light Blue Fingernails $0.0

Toenail Options *

French Manicure Pink Toenails $0.0 Dark Pink Toenails $0.0 Red Toenails $0.0 Natural Toenails $0.0 Fluorescent White Toenails $0.0 Fluorescent Yellow Toenails $0.0 Sky Blue Toenails $0.0 Brown Toenails $0.0 Lavender Toenails $0.0

EVO Skeleton Upgrade? ($0-$69.99) *

~ 90% of doll buyers choose the EVO skeleton option. The EVO skeleton allows more flexible leg positions due to the double jointed knees. Shrugging shoulders are also included with the EVO skeleton. Shoulders do not shrug on the basic skeleton. EVO skeleton dolls can twist their torso at the the waist as well. This is a desirable feature for doll photographers.

Standard Skeleton $0.0 EVO Skeleton +$70.0

Storage Options ($0-$599) *

No Flight Case – Doll will be shipped in a heavily padded cardboard box to protect her during transit.

Piper Flight case (+$599) – Your doll will be shipped in a rolling, locking shiny black case with aluminum trim on the outside and firm polypropylene foam lining the inside.

No Flight case $0.0 Piper Doll Flight Case +$599.0

Inspection Service With Extra Shipping Cost *

For $149 extra we will inspect your doll, This $149 will cover the cost of shipping the doll to you from our facilities once she has been inspected.

Anything special you would like us to know about your order?

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Piper dolls are known for their seamless neck design. Unlike other doll brands, the heads and bodies of Piper dolls are not interchangeable. The doll is a one piece design.

Interactive Areas:


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