Refund / Return Policy

Due to the nature of the products we sell, any sex dolls delivered in fair condition cannot be returned or refunded. Fair is defined as having no major tears over an inch in length and fair is defined as no joint damage or weld damage to skeleton. If a doll is lost in transit by FEDEX, UPS, or any other courier service, the customer will be sent a replacement of the placed order or the customer may choose to have his/her money refunded for the entirety of his or her money paid. Customers will be compensated for “dolls delivered damaged” on a case by case basis to be determined by negotiation between THE DOLL CHANNEL LLC and its customers. Sometimes part of this negotiation involves the customer “returning” the doll to San Antonio, Texas by FEDEX or UPS. Through negotiation, THE DOLL CHANNEL LLC and its customers will decide who pays for this delivery service to be determined by the circumstances surrounding the order. Such circumstances include the initial value of the doll before being damaged, value of dolls damaged by delivery, value of dolls that were damaged by the customer after delivery .

When custom built dolls are completed, factory photos of the customer’s doll are sent to the customer by email. The customer must approve the craftsmanship of the doll through factory photos of the doll through email before the doll will be shipped to the customer. If the product looks significantly different from what the customer ordered through factory photos according to the customer, the customer has the opportunity to request a full refund, before the doll is shipped to the customer. In this case, the customer receives a full refund and the 5% fee will be waived.

Full refunds can not be granted for the customer changing their mind on the doll they ordered. Instead, a 25% restocking fee will be charged if the customer decides on a different choice of doll for any reason. The 25% restocking fee includes the previously mentioned processing fee. For a $2000 custom built doll, the customer would receive $1600 in such circumstance. This is because highly customizable items are often difficult to sell at full price. THE DOLL CHANNEL LLC makes no attempt to profit on restocking fees, only to recoup its losses in such transactions. THE DOLL CHANNEL LLC can not be held liable for high expectations of the products that we sell if the customer was misled by photos, videos, or statistical data gathered from other websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, or other doll vendor sites. Refunds orpartial refunds can only be granted on the basis of misrepresenting of the data misrepresented is found on website. This is because many other sites and videos not representing THE DOLL CHANNEL LLC have often been known to “hype up” or make products that are listed on seem better than they are in reality.


Customer will pay a 5% penalty restocking fee for cancelling orders which were processed by credit card or debit card. This is to cover processing fees which are charged to THE DOLL CHANNEL LLC. Customers can avoid this fee by placing an order of equal or higher value as an exchange order. This exchange order, if it is strictly for accessories, and not for a doll, can be made anytime before accessories are shipped. If the customer wishes to place an alternative order for a different customized doll than the one he or she originally ordered, the customer must request this exchange before building of the doll is started. If the customer changes the order to be of a lesser value, the 5% restocking fee will only be applied towards the difference of the “amount of the initial order” and the “amount of the new order”. Customers may request a complete refund of their doll minus the 5% restocking fee if the doll is shipped from San Antonio as an in stock model. Customers must make this request before the in stock doll is shipped. The 5% restocking fee if paid by PayPal or credit or debit card still applies if a refund is requested. Customer may avoid this fee by requesting to place an exchange order of equal or greater value before the in-stock doll is shipped.