Are Small dolls illegal?

In 45 of the 50 States in the U.S. , small dolls are 100% legal. We are aware that some dolls have been confiscated by customs even in some states where the dolls are legal, but these involve people who were not prosecuted for owning a childlike doll. These cases were simply due to customs not accepting the paperwork or claimed “product value” of the product in the box. We cannot ship any dolls that can be viewed as childlike dolls to Florida, Kentucky, Hawaii, South Dakota, or Tennessee. These 3 states recently passed legislation to outlaw childlike dolls. Unfortunately, these laws are not only unconstitutional, but also not very specific. Any doll that can be viewed as childlike by the justice system will not be able to be shipped to Florida, Kentucky, Hawaii, South Dakota, or Tennessee. Small dolls with a flat chest are in this category and we cannot ship small dolls with a flat chest to Canada. However, small 100 cm dolls with large breast can be shipped to Canada but not to Florida, Kentucky, Hawaii, South Dakota, or Tennessee. If you want to enjoy a small doll, feel free to come on down to San Antonio Texas where you can pick up your doll in person. Small dolls are legal until they cross the state lines of Florida, Kentucky, Hawaii, South Dakota, or Tennessee. We apologize for this inconvenience. One of the benefits of ordering an in stock doll from our in stock dolls page is that the doll will have already passed customs and therefore there will be no trouble with customs on the way from San Antonio Texas to your house or business. This is because the doll already cleared customs on the way from China to San Antonio. This is one big benefit of ordering from our in stock dolls page. For International customers, to see if we ship small dolls to your country, please email us at [email protected]

Is Shipping Completely discreet?

For in stock dolls sent to United States, we will remove the label that says “TPE mannequin” or “silicone mannequin” and any “Made in China” stickers. When we send by UPS or FedEx to any of the 50 states, UPS and FedEx do not even know what is in the box so the delivery driver will not know what is inside when he delivers your package. If you have your in-stock doll delivered to any of the 50 states and have her shipped to a UPS store or FedEx Print and Ship Center, the workers at the UPS Store or FedEx Print and Ship will not know what is inside either. Just show your ID to the workers there and they will give you your package. For UPS, we do NOT have to declare what is inside the package. In the past we had to declare the contents of the package. This is not the case anymore! 🙂 

For dolls delivered from China, there may be some “Made in China” stickers on the outside of the box. In really small letters, the shipping label may also say “TPE mannequin” or “silicone mannequin”. If you need these labels removed, then you must purchase the inspection service. While the doll is here, we will also inspect her and inform you of any damage she may have before shipping her. If she has damage, we will work with you to negotiate compensation in the form of money or accessories, and in the case we can not come to an agreement, we will order a brand new doll and attempt to receive a perfect doll on the next try. When a doll is ordered with the inspection service, it will be mailed from “Ricky or Paul”. It will not say on the label that it is coming from “THE DOLL CHANNEL LLC”. When you enter tracking on the UPS or Fedex website it may say it is coming from THE DOLL CHANNEL but on the box itself it will state it is coming from “Ricky or Paul”. We sternly recommend that you let us ship the package by UPS, and not FEDEX. UPS has Better on-time delivery rates, better customer service and has gone very far out of their way to assist us with lost packages, and non-deliverable boxes in the past. When Fedex is not able to make the delivery sometimes they will return the box, all the way back to San Antonio, before we can send it again. There is no way to turn it around once the delivery fails. Customers hell-bent on trusting Fedex find out every week the hard way when FEDEX sends their package back to us. Please do not make us ship the doll by FEDEX. If you do, you may be disappointed when FEDEX fails you as they have failed so many of our customers. We do not like disappointing our customers. We will ship FEDEX if you insist, but we beg you to please let us send the box by UPS so if UPS has trouble delivering, they will try several more times, rather than sending the box all the way back to us before we can send it again.

Does ship to other countries?

Yes we ship to other countries. Send inquiries to [email protected] . Due to an increasing number of international orders, we must make all international sales by this method. carries many in stock items which are only available to the United States and because of this, many international customers were ordering in stock dolls which were only available to ship within the United States for the listed price. We apologize for this inconvenience.

If I live in Canada can I buy an In Stock Doll?

Yes, but email us ahead of time because shipping to Canada will be more expensive. We also can’t ship flat chest dolls to Canada, Hawaii, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Dakota or Florida.

For dolls delivered from China, there may be some “Made in China” stickers on the outside of the box. In really small letters, the shipping label may also say “TPE mannequin” or “silicone mannequin”

Can I pick up my order in person?

Yes, you may pick up your order in San Antonio, TX anytime if you bought a doll from our in stock dolls page. Just make sure we are there first. Call or text 8085611747 to reach us anytime. You may also have any doll from our website delivered to our address in San Antonio Texas if you are ordering a customizable doll. Simply put our address below as the shipping address and maybe let us know by email that you are doing this and we will hold your order here for you at no extra charge to come pick up your beautiful new doll in person!

Our Address:
Ricky Adames Jr.

9106 Ingram Road

Suite 210



Is Shipping Higher for Alaska or Hawaii?

Shipping is higher for Alaska or Hawaii only if the customer is ordering an in stock doll from our in stock dolls page. All other items are the same price as the listed price on our website for customers in Alaska or Hawaii. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii from China is the same cost as shipping to any other state from China. This is why our customers in Alaska or Hawaii get the same price when ordering a customized doll. If the customer in Alaska or Hawaii wants to buy an in stock doll from our in stock dolls page they will be charged a premium for shipping as shipping to Alaska or Hawaii from San Antonio, Texas is much more expensive than shipping to any of the lower 48 states from San Antonio, Texas. We urge our customers from Alaska or Hawaii who are interested in an in stock doll from our in stock dolls page to check with us first on the shipping cost. We will be happy to help our good friends find the best doll for them whether it be in stock or ordered as a customizable item.

Can i pay with two separate payments?

Yes, we can send you an invoice to your email and you can make a payment with two separate cards if you want. or you can pay part with one method and the rest using another method, such as $500 with zelle and the rest on a credit card. no problem.

Do I need to pay with a credit card or debit card or can I pay with other methods?

You do not need a credit card or debit card to pay for your order. When you go to check out, you will be given the option of paying by bank transfer or the Credit Card XNMI gateway. Choose Credit Card XNMI gateway if you are paying with a credit card or debit card. You can also pay with crypto if you have a coinbase account. If you have any trouble checking out, please email us at [email protected]. Many of our customers encounter problems paying for their items. This is very frustrating to our customers and us as well. We can send you a custom invoice to pay by email through our secure credit card Gateway and once the invoice is paid we will send your order out right away!
We accept bank transfer through Zelle if you have Bank of America, Chase, or any other bank which uses Zelle for sending money.
We can accept payment through Western Union bank transfers to deposit money in our account
Some customers have paid through Ria by going to any Walmart customer service desk where Ria is offered, which is most locations
Cash can be accepted in person
Checks are NOT accepted due to people using checks to scam vendors out of products.
You can pay by Ca$happ by sending to cashtag: $THEDOLLCHANNEL
For CASHAPP or Zelle, You can make a test payment for $5 to see if it goes through first if you want. We know sending large amounts of money can be scary.
Money orders are accepted; Simply Send Money orders for the order amount to :

Ricky Adames Jr.

9106 Ingram Road

Suite 210



Why is my payment being declined if i have more than enough money in my account?

For issues with billing, this is commonly caused when people make a big purchase. The customer’s bank attempts to protect them from fraud by blocking a large transaction. In this case you may have to call your bank and let them know that you will be making a large purchase today and tell them to temporarily deactivate the protective mechanism. The transaction will show on your credit card as TDC-LLC. It WILL NOT say “The Doll Channel”
When buying a doll or making a large purchase when given the option, You can choose free shipping. The $8 shipping option will not do anything to make it faster. Sorry for the confusion. This is just how WordPress is set up.

How do i send a doll to a fedex print and ship center? Im scared that someone will steal my doll while I’m not home.

To set up delivery to a UPS Store or FedEx pickup location, look up the address of the closest UPS store or FedEx Office print and ship in your phone using apple maps or google maps and then use this address as the shipping address. It helps if you also put in the Notes that we are sending to a UPS Store or FedEx print and ship Center. We can send to a FedEx on site if the package is less than 50 pounds. We can ship to a Fedex, however it is usually a little more expensive and FEDEX customer service is horrible if something goes wrong, but we can do it. Fedex pickups are unreliable so we strongly prefer to send by UPS if possible unless the customer really really needs Fedex or USPS which may cost more for the customer by USPS. Sending by FEDEX can delay the shipment by a day because we have to make arrangements to drive the other way to Fedex. We can also ship to a UPS store. Just put the UPS store address as the shipping address and let us know in the notes.

Is there a phone number I can call to talk with a THE DOLL CHANNEL Representative?

Yes, Simply call 808-561-1747. This number has a Honolulu area code, but we are located in San Antonio Texas.

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