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160 cm Tina


Material:  TPE

DOLL SIZE:160 cm

Neck:28 cm

Shoulder Breadth:37 cm

Arm Length:61cm

Palm Length:15 cm

Leg Length:90 cm

Foot Length:21 cm

Full Bust:80 cm

Under Bust:62 cm

Waist:58 cm

Hip:80 cm

Oral Depth:12 cm |4.7 inch

Vaginal Depth:16 cm |6.3 inch

Anal Depth:14 cm |5.5 inch


Packing Size: 160*42*31 cm


Eyes *

Blue Eyes Green Eyes Grey Amber Eyes Black (Dark Brown) Eyes


None White Skin Natural Skin Wheat Skin Tan Skin Black Skin

Fingernail Options *

Natural Fingernails Gray Fingernails Pink Fingernails White Fingernails Rose Red Fingernails Red Fingernails Black Fingernails

Toenails *

Natural Toenails Gray Toenails Pink Toenails White Toenails Rose Red Toenails Red Toenails Black Toenails

Breast Type *

Hollow breasts have a more realistic jiggle and are less likely to rip due to reduced weight. A very small percentage of hollow breasts deflate over time and air needs to be injected back in. It is easy to inject air back in . Solid breasts never experience this problem, but solid breasts can strain the doll’s chest area if they are large and heavy.

Solid Breasts Hollow Breasts

Areola Color *

No Color (Skin Tone) Areolas #1 #2 #3

Labia color *

Labia can be ordered to match color of areola or you may choose a different color

Same as Areola Color No Color (Skin Tone) Labia #1 #2 #3

Vagina Type *

Removable vaginas are easier to clean but harder to get into from behind the doll. Fixed vaginas feel and look more realistic at the cost of more difficult cleanup. Fixed vaginas must be douched (We recommend water and rubbing alcohol) and some men dry the fixed vagina after use with a tampon

Removable Vagina Fixed Vagina

Pubic Hair? *

JY does not do a particularly great job on the shape of the pubic hair, so we do not charge, because in our opinion, ordering pubic hair on your doll from JY is best avoided if possible. If you insist however, we will order it for you.

No Pubic Hair Black Pubic Hair +$50.0 Brown Pubic Hair +$50.0 Blonde Pubic Hair +$50.0 Gold Pubic Hair Orange Pubic Hair

Areola Size *

3 cm = 1.18 inches
4 cm = 1.57 inches
5 cm = 1.97 inches
6 cm = 2.36 inches

3 cm Areolas 4 cm Areolas 5 cm Areolas 6 cm Areolas

Foot Type *

We highly recommend standing feet unless you have a foot fetish. Standing feet make maintenance easier and allow your doll to stand without damage to the bottom of your new doll’s feet.

Non-Standing Feet Standing Feet

TPE Type *

Jelly TPE is softer than Regular TPE.
Platinum TPE is softer and less oily than the other TPE choices

Regular TPE Jelly TPE +$99.0 Platinum TPE +$149.0

Updated Skeleton Upgrade? ($0-$79) *

The updated skeleton includes upgrading the non-shrugging shoulders to shrugging shoulders and also upgrades the flexible hose neck to a hinged neck. The hinged neck will not tire over time or develop a leaning tendency as a hose neck tends to do after long periods of time. The updated hinged neck can hold different neck positions better than a hose neck.

Standard Skeleton EVO Skeleton +$79.0

Wig Choice *

Wig 1 Wig 2 Wig 3 Wig 4 Wig 5 Wig 6 Wig 7 Wig 8 Wig 9 Wig 10 Wig 11 Wig 12 Wig 13 Wig 14 Wig 15 Wig 16 Wig 17 Wig 18 Wig 19

Buy Extra Wig? ($24.99) *

No, Thanks Wig 1 +$25.0 Wig 2 +$25.0 Wig 3 +$25.0 Wig 4 +$25.0 Wig 5 +$25.0 Wig 6 +$25.0 Wig 7 +$25.0 Wig 8 +$25.0 Wig 9 +$25.0 Wig 10 +$25.0 Wig 11 +$25.0 Wig 12 +$25.0 Wig 13 +$25.0 Wig 14 +$25.0 Wig 15 +$25.0 Wig 16 +$25.0 Wig 17 +$25.0 Wig 18 +$25.0 Wig 19 +$25.0

Buy 2nd Extra Wig? ($24.99) *

To purchase more than 2 extra wigs with your doll, email us at [email protected] and we will send you the invoice

No, Thanks Wig 1 +$25.0 Wig 2 +$25.0 Wig 3 +$25.0 Wig 4 +$25.0 Wig 5 +$25.0 Wig 6 +$25.0 Wig 7 +$25.0 Wig 8 +$25.0 Wig 9 +$25.0 Wig 10 +$25.0 Wig 11 +$25.0 Wig 12 +$25.0 Wig 13 +$25.0 Wig 14 +$25.0 Wig 15 +$25.0 Wig 16 +$25.0 Wig 17 +$25.0 Wig 18 +$25.0 Wig 19 +$25.0

Storage Options ($0-$799) *

No Flight Case – Doll will be shipped in a heavily padded cardboard box to protect her during transit
American Made Flight Case (+$699-$799)) – This extremely durable case is made right here in America and is lined with memory foam to allow maximum protection against pressure creases in your doll’s TPE skin. These cases may be ordered with or without aluminum trim. They Lock, and they Roll! One side has two small wheels for easy rolling portability. (American flight cases are custom built and ship separately from your doll.)

No Flight case American Made Flight Case Without Aluminum Trim +$699.0 American Made Flight Case With Aluminum Trim +$799.0

Inspection Service With Extra Shipping Cost *

For $99 extra we will inspect your doll, but this $99 DOES NOT cover the cost of shipping the doll to you from our facilities. Expect to pay about $90-$120 extra for shipping after the doll is inspected unless you pick up your doll in person from our facilities. We will send you the $90-$120 shipping invoice after inspection.

Anything special you would like us to know about your order?

Purchase this product now and earn 1,749 Points!


JY dolls are known for their economical prices. Platinum TPE and skeleton upgrades are available. JY offers a large selection of dolls from 100 cm all the way up to 175 cm tall! That’s almost five feet and nine inches! Keep in mind that of all the brands, JY is not as great as the other brands at matching the skin color of the body to the head. They get pretty close but it is not always perfect. JY has been known to send the wrong factory photos from time to time, so be aware of this when you place your order. When mistakes happen, THE DOLL CHANNEL does the best it can to settle with customers in one way or another to keep our customers happy. It is for this reason that we advise against buying directly from JY to save money. We try our best to keep the customer happy, but because many manufacturers are overseas, their incentive to keep you happy when you buy directly from them is minimal. Always ask if we will price match before buying from shady vendors or directly from manufacturers and we will do our best to match prices to insure you get the doll you want or are compensated properly for mistakes that are out of our hands.

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