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160 cm k cup Sandra


This AF TPE Sex Doll features the 160 cm k cup Love Doll comes with head 85.

160 cm k cup specifications

AF Doll features

        1. Super soft Medical TPE material with metal skeleton allowing realistic posing and intercourse.
          2. Human proportion sculpture, realistic face and vagina.
          4. multi-functions: vagina, anal, oral, breast sex.
          5. Real human feeling skin and with long-range elasticity.
          6.Affordable prices at good quality.

Eyes *

Blue Eyes Green Eyes Black (Dark Brown) Eyes
No, Thanks Blue Eyes +$25.0 Green Eyes +$25.0 Dark Brown Eyes +$25.0

Skin *

White Skin Natural Skin Tan Skin Dark Tan Skin

Fingernail Options *

French Clear Fingernails French Pink Fingernails

Toenails *

Toenails 1 Toenails 2 Toenails 3 Toenails 4 Toenails 5 Toenails 6 Toenails 7 Toenails 8 Toenails 9 Toenails 10 Toenails 11 Toenails 12 Toenails 13

Breast Type *

Hollow breasts have a more realistic jiggle and are less likely to rip due to reduced weight. A very small percentage of hollow breasts deflate over time and air needs to be injected back in using a needle and large syringe when this happens. It is easy to inject air back in . Solid breasts never experience this problem, but solid breasts can strain the doll’s chest area if they are large and heavy. Solid breasts also do not feel as realistic as hollow breasts.

Solid Breasts Hollow Breasts Gel Breasts +$49.0

Areola Color *

No Color (Skin Tone) Areolas Pink Areolas Tan Areolas Brown Areolas

Labia color *

Labia can be ordered to match color of areola or you may choose a different color

No Color (Skin Tone) Labia Pink Labia Tan Labia Brown Labia

Vagina Type *

Removable vaginas are easier to clean but harder to get into from behind the doll. Fixed vaginas feel and look more realistic at the cost of more difficult cleanup. Fixed vaginas must be douched (We recommend water and rubbing alcohol). Some men dry the fixed vagina after use with a tampon, paper towels, or by air with an aquarium pump.

Removable Vagina Fixed Vagina

Pubic Hair? *

AF Doll offers a modest amount of pubic hair on their dolls. If you do order pubic hair on your AF doll feel free to send us a picture after your order to [email protected] with a picture of the pubic hair style you like best. We will do our best to try to get the factory to duplicate it. Or simply avoid this disappointment by choosing no pubic hair. Pubic hair tends to fall out of TPE dolls pretty easily after a few months anyway.

No Pubic Hair Black Pubic Hair +$60.0

Areola Size *

3 cm = 1.18 inches
4 cm = 1.57 inches
5 cm = 1.97 inches
6 cm = 2.36 inches

3 cm Areolas 4 cm Areolas 5 cm Areolas 6 cm Areolas

Foot Type *

We highly recommend standing feet unless you have a foot fetish. Standing feet make maintenance easier and allow your doll to stand without damage to the bottom of your new doll’s feet. Standing feet also make dressing her much easier.

Non-Standing Feet Standing Feet

Wig Choice *

Wig 1 Wig 2 Wig 3 Wig 4 Wig 5 Wig 6 Wig 7 Wig 8 Wig 9 Wig 10 Wig 11 Wig 12 Wig 13 Wig 14 Wig 15

Buy Extra Wig? ($24.99) *

No, Thanks Wig 1 +$25.0 Wig 2 +$25.0 Wig 3 +$25.0 Wig 4 +$25.0 Wig 5 +$25.0 Wig 6 +$25.0 Wig 7 +$25.0 Wig 8 +$25.0 Wig 9 +$25.0 Wig 10 +$25.0 Wig 11 +$25.0 Wig 12 +$25.0 Wig 13 +$25.0 Wig 14 +$25.0 Wig 15 +$25.0

Buy 2nd Extra Wig? ($24.99) *

To purchase more than 2 extra wigs with your doll, email us at [email protected] and we will send you the invoice

No, Thanks Wig 1 +$25.0 Wig 2 +$25.0 Wig 3 +$25.0 Wig 4 +$25.0 Wig 5 +$25.0 Wig 6 +$25.0 Wig 7 +$25.0 Wig 8 +$25.0 Wig 9 +$25.0 Wig 10 +$25.0 Wig 11 +$25.0 Wig 12 +$25.0 Wig 13 +$25.0 Wig 14 +$25.0 Wig 15 +$25.0

Shoulders Upgrade? ($0-$69) *

The shoulders upgrade includes upgrading the non-shrugging shoulders to shrugging shoulders allowing her to pose in cute shoulder shrugging positions. This shrugging shoulder action can also annoy some people who only want to use the dolls for sexual purposes as the extra shoulder joints added can move when the owner of the doll does not want them to

non-shrugging shoulders shrugging shoulders +$69.0

Wrists Upgrade? ($0-$49) *

Purchasing this upgrade will change the wire wrists from being flexible wire wrists to being articulated mechanical wrists which can be bent back and forth with no harm to the TPE or skeleton. If you do not opt for the wrist upgrade, You will need to be careful to bend the wrists as little as possible

Hinged Neck Upgrade? ($0-$49) *

Upgrades the flexible hose neck to a hinged neck. The hinged neck will not tire over time or develop a leaning tendency as a hose neck tends to do after long periods of time. The updated hinged neck can hold different neck positions better than a hose neck.

Inspection Service With Extra Shipping Cost ($0-$49) *

For $49 extra we will inspect your doll, This will NOT cover the cost of shipping the doll to you from our facilities. Expect to pay about $79-$120 extra for shipping after the doll is inspected, unless you pick up your doll in person from our facilities. Dolls cost more to ship if they are heavier or go on less travelled Fedex routes. We will send you the shipping invoice after inspection. This inspection service will add 3-4 days to the time it takes to receive your doll

Anything special you would like us to know about your order?

Let us know anything here that is important and pertains to your order. Or you can just let us know any feedback at all or tell us how your day is going. That’s cool too :)

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This AF doll features the 160 cm k cup with head 85


160 cm k cup specifications

AF Doll features

      1. Super soft Medical TPE material with metal skeleton allowing realistic posing and intercourse;
        2. Human proportion sculpture,realistic face and vagina;
        4. Multi-functions: vagina, anal, oral, breast sex;
        5. Real human feeling skin and with long-range elasticity;
        6.Affordable prices at good quality.
      Product 160cm K Cup Sex Dolls
      Material Extra soft TPE material, articulated metal skeleton
      Brand AF Doll
      Bust*band*waist 94cm*57cm*51cm
      Hip 86cm
      Shoulder Width 37cm
      Arms 61cm
      Legs 78cm
      Thigh circumference 42cm
      Calf circumference 30cm
      Hands 16cm
      Feet 21cm
      Oral/Vagina/Anal depth 13cm/18cm/16cm
      Weight 29kg
      Standing Optional

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