The new DH168 anime doll shiori comes with 4 choice for bikinis, 4 choices for eyes,  and 4 choices of wigs. She bends forward and back at the waist and only has a fixed vagina orifice. Sorry, removable vagina is not an option. This doll does not have a standing feet option. This doll does not have anal or oral capability. she also uses special size wigs and special eyes so buy extra wigs or eyes if you anticipate needing them in the future. We will do our best to stock the special wigs and eyes but they are more affordable to buy when ordered with the doll.

Skin Color * 

Bikini choice * 

Eye Choice * 

Wig Choice * 

Buy Extra Eyes? * 

These special eyes will be more affordable when ordered with the doll than when ordered alone at a later date.

Buy Extra Wig? * 

These special wigs will be more affordable when ordered with the doll than when ordered alone at a later date.

Buy Extra Bikini? * 

Buy Extra Head? $120 * 

Doll comes with one head, but you can either buy a similar extra Shiori head in case of future damage or the extra elf Nao head .

Inspection Service * 

Our inspection / forwarding service allows you to have your doll shipped to us and then after inspecting for damage we ship your doll direct to the address of your choice.


Removable Head: Yes (Two head options available, Anime and Elf Nao)
Height: 80cm
Head Circumference: 34.5cm
Neck: 14.5cm
Shoulder: 18.5cm
Bust: 50.5cm
Under Bust: 31cm
Cup: G Cup
Waist: 30cm
Hips: 53cm
Thigh Length: 22cm
Thigh Circumference: 26cm
Low Leg Length: 21.5cm
Calf Circumference: 15.5cm
Upperarm Length: 13cm
Upperarm Girth: 11cm
Forearm Length: 12.5cm
Forearm Girth: 10cm
Feet: 11cm
Orifice: Vagina (The only orifice available)
Vagina Depth: 17cm
Anus: Non
Oral: Non
Weight: 6KG
Packed Weight: 12KG
Package Dimensions: 80cm*24cm*20cm

5 thoughts on “80 cm Anime Doll Shiori

  1. Hey guys, I guess TFM and Sandman finally talked me into buying a doll, lol. Only problem is when I just tried ordering it I saw no shipping options for my country. Do you guys not ship to the Balkans (specifically North Macedonia)?

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