6YE doll is known for excellent accurate vagina placement on their sex dolls

Height: 140cm / 4ft 7.1in – head included
Weight: 23kg / 50.7lbs – head included
The waist: 50cm / 19.7in
Hip: 78cm / 30.7in
Bust: 70cm / 27.6in
Leg length : 68cm / 26.8in
Foot length:19cm / 7.5in
Arm length: 56cm / 22in
Palm length: 15cm / 5.9in
Shoulder width: 31cm / 12.2in
Vaginal depth: 17cm / 6.7in
Anal depth: 15cm / 5.9in
Oral Depth: 15cm (5.9″)
Package size: 135*45*30cm    / 53.2in*17.7in*11.8in

Eyes * 

Skin * 

Fingernail Options * 

Toenails * 

Breast Type * 

Hollow breasts have a more realistic jiggle and are less likely to rip due to reduced weight. A very small percentage of hollow breasts deflate over time and air needs to be injected back in. It is easy to inject air back in . Solid breasts never experience this problem, but solid breasts can strain the doll’s chest area if they are large and heavy.

Areola Color * 

Labia color * 

Labia can be ordered to match color of areola or you may choose a different color

Vagina Type * 

Removable vaginas are easier to clean but harder to get into from behind the doll. Fixed vaginas feel and look more realistic at the cost of more difficult cleanup. Fixed vaginas must be douched (We recommend water and rubbing alcohol) and some men dry the fixed vagina after use with a tampon

Pubic Hair? * 

If you want a particular shape for your doll’s pubic hair, just email us a picture example to sales@thedollchannel.com

Areola Size * 

3 cm = 1.18 inches
4 cm = 1.57 inches
5 cm = 1.97 inches
6 cm = 2.36 inches

Foot Type ($0-$99) * 

We highly recommend standing feet unless you have a foot fetish. Standing feet make maintenance easier and allow your doll to stand without damage to the bottom of your new doll’s feet.

Shrugging Shoulders? ($0-$99) * 

Shrugging Shoulders are great for photography purposes or making your doll do cute poses. Adding shrugging shoulders will neither hurt nor help your sexual experience with a doll. It is strictly aesthetic.

Wig Choice * 

Buy Extra Wig? ($24.99) * 

Buy 2nd Extra Wig? ($24.99) * 

To purchase more than 2 extra wigs with your doll, email us at sales@thedollchannel.com and we will send you the invoice

Storage Options ($0-$799) * 

No Flight Case – Doll will be shipped in a heavily padded cardboard box to protect her during transit
American Made Flight Case (+$699-$799)) – This extremely durable case is made right here in America and is lined with memory foam to allow maximum protection against pressure creases in your doll’s TPE skin. These cases may be ordered with or without aluminum trim. They Lock, and they Roll! One side has two small wheels for easy rolling portability. (American flight cases are custom built and ship separately from your doll.)

Inspection Service With Extra Shipping Cost * 

For $99 extra we will inspect your doll, but this $99 DOES NOT cover the cost of shipping the doll to you from our facilities. Expect to pay about $90-$120 extra for shipping after the doll is inspected unless you pick up your doll in person from our facilities. We will send you the $90-$120 shipping invoice after inspection.

Anything special you would like us to know about your order?

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To learn more about this product, email sales@thedollchannel.com.