THE DOLL CHANNEL adds a fleshlight page to the menu

04/23/20 central time: 0700 hours

Recently we added several useful accessories like USB heaters, M16 Quick connect bolts, and head stands to our store. We even added Dollforever / Piper doll wigs and eyes as well as WM and Dollforever / Piper doll inserts to the website. Soon we will be adding Fleshlights to our store as well.

Tonight we will be featuring the release of the 161 cm AF Doll Janessa! Join us on our livestream on youtube tonight at 7pm central as we unveil this beauty in all of her…. uhh…. Beauty.

You can view her on our youtube channel:

See you there!

2 thoughts on “THE DOLL CHANNEL adds a fleshlight page to the menu

    1. hello. which doll are you interested in? if you need help, please feel free to also email me at or text or call eight-zero-eight-561-1747. Sorry if i missed your call. I’m not sure if you called yesterday at midnight, but if that was you, i am really sorry I didn’t answer. i took a quick nap and missed the call. hope to speak with you soon.

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